Freelance Filming

Day Rate ( full day up to 8h )

freelance filming incl. travel & own gear

( editing not included )

£ 445.00

1/2 Day Rate ( half day up to 4h ) freelance filming incl. travel & own gear

( editing not included )

£ 315.00



We cover all the needs of our clients related to video production.

If you are looking for a reliable, and friendly videographer
or professional video production services you are in the right place.

Having worked as a freelance videographer and filmmaker for over eight years, I am adept at providing the best quality video content to my clients in any situation and setting. I am professional, friendly and resourceful in Pre-Production, Production ( Filming ), and Post-Production Process. Please check out my video production portfolio below to see the diverse range of films and video projects that I have produced, shot and edited in the past.

Packages for Marketing Videos, and Wedding Films Available, Contact us for more info.

Most Popular Videos we Create for our Clients

Promo Videos | Corporate Videos | Wedding Films | Event Coverage | Product Videos | Animated Explainer Videos | Real Estate Videos | Aerial Videoegraphy | Music Videos | Social Media Shorts | Documentaries | Testimonial Videos | Case Study Videos | Charity Video Production | Family or Couples Video Shot | Model's and Actor's Portfolios | Video production of online courses, and More.

Your project is always completed on time

Friendly and professional team

Freelance Filming - Video Production Leicester

Cost effective

Nationwide service

High quality video content

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the price include travel costs throughout United Kingdom ?

Price includes travelling to, and reaching customers within the East Midlands area, Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby and Coventry.

Additional costs may occur if the video service is provided outside this areas.

After filming, how long will I have to wait for my project to be delivered ?

It all depends on how complex your project really is, and how busy we are working on other projects at a given time. But our average delivery time is between 1 to even 12 weeks. So make sure to Book us in as early as possible to get your Video done on time.

The answer is simple: As soon as possible !

Once you know for sure that you will need a video in the near future, or any other service we provide please contact us to find out when we are available to help you, and tell us about your project.

So... while it all depands on the job and type of the project, and its complexity... if you let us know a few weeks earlier then we should have enough time for all kinds of preparations needed to successfully complete your project on time ( taking into account our availability, and how busy we are with other projects in a given time ).

Also... please consider the fact that there may be some additional tasks, and unpredictable circumstances such as actors & location hire, writing a script, creating a list of shots, meetings etc.

How to Book your Services ?

In order to book our services, please fill out our contact form or simply contact us directly either by phone or by email.

Do I need to pay deposit to confirm my booking ?

Yes. In order to confirm your booking request you must pay us a minimum deposit of ‎£100 or 25% of the total sum for your Video or other service we provide you with.

How to Pay ?

At the moment, we accept the following payment methods: Cash, Bank Transfer or PayPal.

Are you fully insured ?

Yes. We have the following insurance policies in place: a Public liability insurance, Professional indemnity insurance, Equipment insurance and Legal expenses cover.

Are you able to travel abroad to Film my project ?

Hell Yeah ! just tell me where and when.

Do you own your own Equipment ?

Yes I do. Only in some cases when high budget production requires specific equipment or cameras we are forced to hire / rent some stuff.

Do you provide your services all over the UK ?

Yes I do. I am able to reach anywhere in the UK and abroad if necessary.

How many years of experience do You have in film industry ?

Together with my wife Sabina, and a team of professionals with whom we cooperate on a daily basis, we have over 30 years of experience working on the set, and in the film industry in general, producing high quality emotional and unforgettable films and engaging videos for our business clients.

What kind of services are you providing ?

= Full List Our Services =

We cover all the needs of our clients related to video production, starting with Corporate Video Productions, Advertising, Sales and Marketing Videos, Information / Educational Videos, Entertainment Videos, News Videos, Documentary Films , Video Editing & Post Production, Freelance Camera Operator (or 2nd Camera op. ) Hire,  Equipment Rent, DOP ( Freelance), Ending with... Video Marketing Consultancy, Video SEO, Google & YouTube Ranking, Training & Support for In-House Video Production Teams, 360 Degree Filming, Underwater Filming, Aerial Videography, Video Marketing Services, Video Distribution And Many More !

Most Popular: Promo Videos, Corporate Videos, Wedding Films, Event Coverage, Product Videos, Animated Explainer, VideosReal Estate Videos, Aerial Videoegraphy, Music Videos, Social Media Shorts, Documentaries, Testimonial Videos, Case Study Videos, Charity Video Production, Family or Couples Video Shot, Model's and Actor's Portfolios, Video production of online courses.

Examples of different types of video:


Corporate: Corporate Videos, Webinars (recorded), Culture Videos, Event Videos, Presentation Videos, PowerPoint Video, Corporate Event Video, Conferences and Seminars, Talent Recruitment, Feedback/Testimonial Video with company’s address and name ( SEO ), Staff Training, Internal Communication, Company Profile.

Advertising, Sales and Marketing Videos: Promotional Videos, Online Video Advertising / Web Commercials, Testimonial Videos, Unboxing Video, Haul (shopping spree) Videos, Product Videos, Sizzle Reels, Real Estate Video, 2D & 3D Animation Video, Whiteboard Animations, Explainer Video, Time Lapse Video, Aerial Videography, Industrial, Talking-head Videos, Corporate Videos, Presentation Videos, Human Resources Videos, Product Demonstration Videos, Real Estate Tour Videos, Event Videos, Keynote Slideshow Presentation Videos, Comparison Videos, Giveaway Videos, Product Review Videos, Announcement Videos, Destination Videos, Any Other Type of Advertising Video.

Information / Educational Videos: Training Videos (How–to), "Tips Series" Video (for a particular subject), Animated Explainer Video, 2D & 3D Animation Video, Whiteboard Animation, Educational Videos, Infomercials, Video production for distance education, Remote Online Classroom Instruction, Online Courses with Video Lessons (MooC), Student ‘Show and Tell’ Videos, Webinar Informational Videos, Video Lesson Series.

Entertainment Videos: Music Videos, Travel Videos, Wedding Film/Video, Documentary Videos, Ceremonial Videos, Legacy Video, Model’s & Actor’s Portfolio Video, Theatre Spectactle, Music Concerts / Gigs, Automotive Enthusiast Videos, Comedy Shows, Producing Content for YouTube Channels, Short Films, Indie Films.

News Videos: Digital (Online) Journalism videos, Interview Video -Question & Answer, Video PSA (Public Service Announcement), Streaming Video Online News Websites, Socially-Shared News Snippets (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Documentary Films (and Videos): Poetic documentaries, Observational documentaries, Reflexive documentaries, Performative documentaries, Expository documentaries, Participatory documentaries.

Other: Video Editing & Post Production, Training & Support for Your Internal Video Marketing Team, Video Distribution, Video SEO, Indie Films / Short Films, Logo Animations, Hire Videographer or DOP, Charity Video Production, Video Equipment Rental & Camera Hire, Photo & Video Packages Available for Weddings, Events, Business Photo&Video Shoots, Product/Service or Brand Promotion and many more...